Saturday, May 18, 2013

Below are some tips on how to stay positive that have worked for me.When you feel down, come and visit this page and try these. They may not change how you feel instantly; but keep plugging away at it. You'll find that they do work! Getting over a negative funk can be very hard sometimes, so my first tip is:

Know That this too shall pass!

The one thing you can be sure of, is that everything changes. Something will surely come your way that will make you forget all about your negative feelings.

Find That Silver Lining.

Every situation has something in it that brings us a gift. Perhaps there is a life lesson you need to learn. Negative things often come our way to slap us up side the head and make us realize something.

Is there an Ah ha moment here for you?

Find something good about whatever is happening and brainstorm it. Keep finding new things that are positive and focus only on those. You'll be amazed where it can take you!

Surround yourself with positive messages and things.

Listen to some positive audio messages.

Find a T.V. show with a positive spin or a comedy that makes you laugh.

Take a walk or a drive someplace beautiful and concentrate on God's beautiful creations.

Maybe buy yourself some flowers or something small. (although I don't recommend spending money as a way to cheer yourself up, as this can become a very bad habit!)

Seek Help!

Sometimes no matter what we do to cheer ourselves up, we get stuck! The trick is to realize and admit when we get to this point!

Getting help to some is a sign of weakness. To that end, I have one thing to say... Not getting help is even weaker!

It may be that you are just afraid to admit you need help!

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes! Letting people help us is a gift we bring for someone else. How good does it make YOU feel; knowing that you touched someones life? Don't deny that gift to others!!

Sometimes we need a professional to show us how to stay positive. This also brings up issues for some people and the above also applies. I would also add, that those afraid to get professional help deny themselves a way out. So give yourself that gift. If you need it... GET IT! That's what those people are for!

Go have fun!

This is one of the best tips I can share on how to stay positive! If a friend invites you to a party...GO! (Just don't drink! Alcohol is a depressant and will, always, only add to your woes!) I Guarantee if you go where the fun is, you won't feel bad for long! A sure cure for the blues!