Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Many Uses of Party Buses

While most people rent party buses for traditional uses such as bachelorette and bachelor parties, party buses can be used for an array of events. Party buses do not have to be used only for the grown-up crowd. Party buses can be used to host events for everyone, even children. While party buses are typically less expensive and can provide a more spacious and comfortable ride than a limousine can provide, party buses are now becoming the most requested or most preferred method of transportation for "partying".

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Party Bus Uses for Children

For children, party buses can be used as a actual "location" to host a party in transit to a child friendly area. The "child-friendly area" could be the Children's Museum, Science Museum, or a restaurant. The party bus adds a different flavor to the overall atmosphere of the party. This will not be the traditional child's birthday party. For children, a party bus can also serve just as a simple ride. It doesn't take much for children to have a blast. Just imagine as a kid, a bus picks you up from your home and it is already decorated in your favorite super hero theme. There are cupcakes, lots of Juicy Juice "on the rocks", and music, what kid wouldn't love this? Children are already fascinated with all modes of transportation and to be able to ride a bus, a "fancy" bus to be exact, would be an awesome add to a birthday celebration. That party would be the talk of schoolyard.

Party Bus Uses for Teenagers

As for teenagers, party buses can be used as transit to the prom, both junior and senior proms, as well as to homecoming. This can assist in the event that the teenager may be too young to drive or unable to drive due to not having a license. The added value is that the party bus driver can also serve as the unofficial "chaperone" as the driver will most likely not leave unless at least the "owner" of the bill has gotten on the bus, therefore, there should be less "sneaking" off. Also, the party bus could be used as a cool way to celebrate a "Sweet 16" or a nice ending to a "Quinceanera". The bus could be stocked with an array of foods and snacks that teenagers would love. This would be a great idea!

Party Bus Uses for the Mature Crowd

Of course there are the typical bachelor and bachelorette party uses of the party bus, however, it could also be used as a mode of transportation on a night in which individuals know in an advance that a large amount of alcohol is planning to be consumed. For example, the party bus could be used as a mode of transportation for a class reunion, a 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday party, celebration of a promotion or a new baby, a graduation, etc. The other awesome thing about a party bus is that it can be decorated (as long as you clean up your mess) in as many themes as you like. You can also stock the party bus (as mentioned above) with a variety of snacks and "spirits" as you would like to spice up the night.

Party Bus Uses for the Senior Crowd

While most seniors have arrived past wanting to get drunk until the wee hours of the morning, taking sips in between trips to the bathroom and/ or each club, most seniors would like the opportunity just to sit back and ride. They have paid their dues and want to be chauffeured. Seniors may want to utilize a party bus in a similar aspect as what was listed above, for parties, reunions, etc. However, one thing that most seniors may have that the above demographics does not have, is time. With that, many senior groups get together for outings in which they want to travel together. A party bus is a nice way to be able to bring the entire group together and to be able to socialize, eat, and drink without the hassle of traffic. The trip may be to an outlet mall or a church, 45-60 minutes away. The bus may also be used for retirement party transportation, class reunion transportation, and even birthday party celebrations.