Saturday, September 13, 2014

I absolutely love Deborah Dolen’s work! I often find that DIY is too focused on garden or interior design products, and it’s too specialized and difficult for me to do.

I constantly see, for example, ideas for so-called cool shelves that I’m supposed to magically build myself. However, Dolen’s work is a welcome change from that trend. I find her ideas easy but still pretty and classy, and refreshingly practical.

I am constantly getting compliments on the guest soaps on my bathroom, and people are very impressed when I can casually mention that I made them myself. However, the credit should really go to Dolen, who taught me such an easy and beautiful method to make lovely little soaps. I also read her book about handwriting.

I was initially skeptical that I could sit through an entire book on something like handwriting, which is usually an extremely boring topic. But Dolen exposed a whole new side of handwriting to me! I had never realized that so much of a person’s personality and inner psychological workings could be exposed by something as mundane as the way they wrote the letter p.

I now find myself constantly looking over my friends’ shoulders to see if their handwriting has similar characteristics to mine, and to try to tell their hidden personalities and quirks.

Thank you, With Five Questions, for introducing me to such wonderful and interesting people like Deborah Dolen! I always look forward to finding out about someone new, or seeing an interview with someone whose work I am familiar with, like Dolen.