Friday, November 1, 2013

London has always been an area rich in film and photo shoot locations. A film location scout has literally thousands of amazing outside vistas and even more photo studios that provides the perfect setting for magazine shoots, commercials or films.

Making a film has become less dependent on location since technology has made it easier to make visual effects more realistic. Though everyone knows the added benefit of an actual location to add to the drama and the ability to connect with your audience.

The amazing thing about London is the variety of areas that provide just what a film crew is looking for. From the hills at Hampstead Heath to the curry houses at Brick Lane, there is no shortage of atmosphere.

The main danger to a filming or photo shoot is the weather, unless the scene calls for rain

Those who are looking to scout a location should consider the following:

• What timeline does the setting need to follow? Be aware of the surroundings that may be caught in the filming of a scene. How does it fit with the movie’s or shoot’s representation? Learning about the different areas of London that have a feel of a particular decade will pay dividends later on.

• When does London sleep? Knowing the rhythms of the city will help choose your location wisely. Some parts of the city are practically deserted on a Saturday while other bits are absolutely heaving. If a crowd is called for, how can you get it and whose permission might you need for different areas?

• What is the accessibility? If it is a film shoot, there may be several lorries, which need parking spaces. What about electrics? The fewer headaches everyone has about getting there and setting up means more time to shoot.

• Tea and biscuits? The comfort of the crew means for a better working environment all around. Space for lighting grids and toilet facilities are something to think about.

The vast selection of locations in London should mean you should be able to tick most boxes when it comes to meeting the requirements of any project.

The number of photo studios for hire in London can boggle the mind. Knowledge is key, and the more you know about the city and the production the better end result for all concerned.