Thursday, October 16, 2014

Carpet cleaning may seem like a weary chore and, to some extent, unnecessary. But think again. Does your carpet look clean? It probably does. But when you go over it with a vacuum cleaner, it picks up a lot of dust, doesn't it? 

This is one of the main reasons you need to have it cleaned. Carpets, while they look completely benign and rather low maintenance, actually are a trap for dust. The dust from it can even pollute the air quality in your home. Having your carpet cleaned regularly helps maintain the hygiene of your home. 

Despite that, it also has smaller advantages, like getting rid of stains that you couldn’t get rid of yourself, and simply keeping your carpet’s life span long. Having it done professionally is the best option, since they know exactly what to do and are experienced at it. 

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Frequently cleaning your carpet not only can make your carpet in better appearance but prolongs the life span of the carpet. If you’re worried about money, then you could even do it yourself! There are lots of carpet cleaning systems available on the market which will cost you a little bit in the beginning. For the do-it-yourself system, you have two choices: dry or wet. 

  • For the dry method, you would have to sprinkle certain chemicals onto the carpet which would draw out the dirt, and then you would have to vacuum it. 
  • For the wet method, however, you would simply use steam to clean it. The machines for the latter vary, but the idea is about them is about the same: the steam would penetrate your carpet giving it somewhat of an instant rinse. 

Both methods have their downsides, though. Despite being so handy, the dry method can actually be a little costly since the use of chemicals is involved. For the wet method, however, even though there aren’t any expensive chemicals, dragging the machine around can be inconvenient since some machines require a constant water outlet. 

But even if you do find a machine that doesn’t require that, there is always the possibility of steaming it too much and leaving it wet, which is a problem because if the carpet doesn’t dry within 24 hours it can form mildew. But don’t be discouraged by hearing the negativity. 

If your carpets are prone to staining because you have pets or children, carpet cleaning is a necessity for you, and having your own home system can help your household be immaculate. After all, who doesn’t like fresh, clean carpets?