Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Most of you have already started your holiday shopping, and some of you may have a mom with a newborn baby you need to buy something for this Christmas! Most shopping guides will suggest great things for new moms like nipple salve or a cozy throw blanket or maybe even something both mom and baby can enjoy, like a baby food machine! Sure, you can always buy a new mom something like one of those birthstone necklaces or a T-shirt that reads YUMMY MUMMY on it, but we are going to show you some great gift ideas for moms of a newborn you may not have thought of! It’s really hard to find a nice gift for a new mother sometimes. Do you get something practical? Sentimental? Is it someone you want to go all out for, or someone you just want to give a small gesture?

Well, here are a few ideas that go beyond the flowers and silver rattles for some kick ass stuff that a new mom will really enjoy.
  1. A Breastfeeding Pillow 
  2. Nipple Cream 
  3. Diapers 
  4. Baby Carrier 
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As you can check out from the list above, you will now understand how a breastfeeding pillow is absolutely more useful than just a cute t-shirt or a baby mug or maybe just a beautiful bracelet. A breastfeeding pillow is what the new moms really needed especially when they are going to travel somewhere. You surely do not want to bring such a big soft pillow anywhere around when you are travelling using plane or your own car or little truck, it could be waste your space and not efficient. The benefit of this thing is actually to support your back when you are nursing your baby, it will keep you from the back strain because you breastfeeding too much.

No one will tell you this but one of the must have baby items for a really new mom is a breast pump. It probably sounds weird when you for the first time hear this name but one thing you should know that this breast pumps will help you a lot. When you are nursing your baby, it is a great idea by using this especially when you are about to go out with your baby but you do not want to breastfeeding him or her in the public. Now you can use this product to keep your baby from feeling thirsty.

The next stuff that is also really needed when you are having a baby is surely packs of diapers. Obviously this product is really important since it is so efficient and easy to use. It will be a great idea to pick this a a gift for the new mother, because they will need diapers every day for the baby. It would be bad if they accidentally are running out of these important things. You can choose to buy diapers that are disposable so it will make their works to be faster.

People might also do not tell you that you need this helpful thing but you surely know that a baby carrier is what you really needed. You surely have to purchase one of this stuff so it will help you so much when you are doing some activities with your baby such as going shopping at the mall or going for a walk. You will not feel any back strain anymore for carrying baby too much. But before you purchase this, make sure that you try it first before you buy it at the shop. You can check and adjust the baby carrier straps.

Another must have baby items that a new mother needs is obviously a stroller or a car seat. These two products are really required in your life for you and your baby especially when you really love to travel. Make sure that you choose the baby stroller that is using travel system so it will be so much more efficient. Then the next thing is very important is a car seat, when you are going for a drive and you do not want to leave your baby, you will need it for the baby safety. Besides this stuff, there are still a lot of gifts that you can give for the new mom such as nipple cream, baby swings, or high chairs.

People always forget the person who had the baby, and never get her anything good. You know this new mom sometimes need something that has nothing to do with the new human she gave birth to.
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