Friday, May 31, 2013

You need to embrace r-e-s-p-e-c-t for yourself in order to begin building healthy relationships. Sometimes we have to demand respect from those who don’t otherwise give it to us.
The good news is behaviors are learned! So if they are learned that means we can LEARN how to begin Building Healthy Relationships!!

First, you have to love yourself. People who don’t love themselves have low self-worth, low self-esteem and don't demand respect in the relationships they’re in.

Why? You don’t think that you deserve it? Will no one else love you?

Only you can answer those questions but once you begin to embrace love for yourself, truly-love-yourself, you will not allow others to be disrespectful toward you.

You are worth setting boundaries which will help in not allowing others to hurt you.
You have heard the saying, “give-em-an-inch and they’ll take a mile”. Never be used, people who love you, WANT and DESIRE whatever makes you happy!

Building Healthy Relationships is always a two way street.

Change will never happen if only one person is trying to build a healthy relationship. Do not be the only one working on the problem. If you are going to work on something, let it be yourself.
You cannot change another human being so do not get frustrated and try.

The intent of this site is to give resources, support, awareness and education on building healthy relationships, better communication, become a better YOU, as well as, how to know if you're not in a healthy relationship(s); things you can do to help yourself and loved ones who find themselves in bad relationship(s).

In addition, we will cover what you need to look for to see if your teen is dating the wrong person or hanging out with the wrong crowd. Abuse issues will be among our materials; adult and childhood.
Upon your request, we will send you resources and information that will put you in touch with the right people in your area, if you're in an abusive situation--or you can choose to confidentially correspond with us and we will be happy to assist you. If you're not sure, write and we can discuss all of your options. All correspondence is CONFIDENTIAL!

Doesn’t everyone DREAM of being in and building healthy relationships??

Sure, we all dream of having the perfect life. The perfect job, mate, family, home and social circle.
The basis for everyone’s happiness is, of course, relationships. The one’s we have with our boss, co-workers, our mate, family, friends, teachers and classmates.

Everyone has a deep desire for their relationships to be healthy, exciting and always leaving you feeling good about yourself!

But how do you make that happen?

You must have r-e-s-p-e-c-t for yourself.

If you’re a woman, you’ve probably dreamed of your knight and shining armor as a little girl. Fantasizing of that perfect mate….then when you got your first crush, the innocence of your youth, allowed you to think that it would be just as you had hoped for. But then…what happened?? Some may think building healthy relationships is too difficult for them and others...maybe they think they just keep "choosing" the wrong people...

If you're a man maybe you’ve always dreamed of getting married and having children. Visualized that perfect marriage. You have thoughts of coming home to a loving wife, who is never in a bad mood with happy children. The house is clean, bills are paid and you live in a house with a white picket fence. Then as you got older, your discovery-- it may not have unfolded quite that way.
We know that nobody is perfect; therefore, we cannot be as parents, children, spouses, employers, neighbors or friends.

If only we could go back to the innocence of our youth and believe in that perfection again. Believe that everyone would do what he or she said they would. Remember those days?? Where have we gone wrong?

Communication maybe?

Is it the ability to understand one another’s needs, desires, goals and dreams?
Trust seems to play a huge role in the way we relate to one another. Do we not trust one another? We want to and I think that sometimes we may believe we do BUT then we second guess each other and question motives. Wonder whether others are being truthful. Whether or not people really mean what they say.

Sound familiar?

Why is this?

Many factors play a role in our belief system. We come into this world believing everyone. As children, we trust everyone, then unfortunately, we are so trusting, some of us become a target of people who do us harm. This is how we begin to develop our belief system. It begins with how we are treated, as children. That treatment contributes to how we learn to trust or not trust other people. It has to do with our experiences in life. Simply put, the way we have been treated and relate to others is how our perception is developed, concerning relationships.

Fortunately not everybody has had a bad childhood. However, the same rules apply; at some point in life, everyone has experienced bad encounters with people, which have the same effect.
No matter what stage in life you have had a bad experience, the results are the same.

I know that some of you are reading this saying “get a grip” have you looked around lately, listened to the news, or other people? Actually, I have and I am still optimistic that change can start with just one person, actually two people, you and me. So as you review the site, you too will become more optimistic on how to begin building healthy relationships.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Phil and Ellen were in their late twenties, happily married without a trace of marital problems, with a family of four. The youngest was Cindy, an adorable little girl. At age three she became critically ill with leukemia. The grim diagnosis of having an ill child hit them like a bombshell. An ongoing cycle of hospital shifts, consultations and extreme worry followed.

As time wore on, and wore them down, they became drained physically and emotionally and Ellen sensed that, in addition to having a very ill child, her family relationships always began to crumble. She no longer liked discussing things with her family and, the truth was she didn't even like seeing them anymore. With no family support and financial resources, the couple were desperate . The present was unbearably hard – the future uncertain at best. For Cindy, her parents, and the whole family, life was a nightmare.

At that low point when all seemed so black a social worker stepped in; an angel in disguise. She didn't initially directly address the issue of how to treat her critically ill child or how to rebuild her shattered family relationships but she was surely the one who saved Phil and Ellen.

She listened to their fears and sadness.

She arranged for help through the local community center; so that the couple and their family, would have a semblance of normalcy in their lives and fix the frayed family relationships.

She put them in touch with a support group made up of families with terminally and other sick children.

They discovered hope and caring in the depths of their despair and became encouraged. They were able to move forward, reconnect with each other and, almost like magic, all of their marital disappeared and they were able to focus on helping their ill daughter.

Anyone who claims that a fatal illnesses of a family member doesn't strain family relationships and causes at least minor strains in marital and family relationships simply doesn't know what he is talking about.

The physical and emotional strain of dealing with an ill child erodes the family's patience, their self esteem, and their ability to think straight. However, if you don't despair and give up hope there is some light at the end of this dark tunnel.

How Can I Help a Friend Who Has a Critically Ill Child?

Not all families need the same type of help. In Phil and Ellen's situation emotional help was what was needed. There are other families that only need practical help. For instance take the Jameson's family.

Family Jameson's 2 year old suffered from a serious heart condition. She was in and out of hospital with emergencies and complications, for extended periods. They had a top doctor working on the case. Advice was not needed in the medical area.

However, life at home for five additional children had to continue. The problems were quite overwhelming. Siblings had to get their schoolwork done; appointments had to be attended etc.

Neighbors and friends stepped in offering concrete help. One neighbor even offered to coordinate all the help. This would significantly relieve the burden for Mrs. Jameson. The family was truly grateful to their wonderful acquaintances.

Whatever your needs might be here are a few ideas on how to "make it through" this difficult situation without ruining friendly, marital and family relationships:

  1. Join a support group. Support groups are a must for people facing life-threatening situations and help in a few ways.
    • To share your pain and anxiety with others in similar situations helps to ease that pain.

    • Seeing others in the same situation eases the irrational guilt that is inside of you, either the guilt that they could have prevented the situation in the first place or that you are not doing enough to help the sick person.
    • You get new practical ideas on which doctors, hospitals, or agencies to turn to for help.
    • To help others in stress helps to relieve your own stress.

  2. Don't listen to all the advise or comments of people who have not experienced this kind of challenge. They might intend to help you but statements like, "Pull yourself together!" or "Stop acting like a small child and go on with life" only makes you feel worse.

  3. However, keep in mind that they are really only trying to help the best that they can. Thank them for their insights but don't take them to heart.

  4. Do accept practical help from friends like baby-sitting, cooking or taking on hospital shifts. You need conserve your physical strength as much a possible.

  5. Don't be embarrassed to meet with a social worker. They can be extremely helpful.

Sometimes it is emotional support that is necessary. Other times practical help is in order. It makes no difference. The main goal is to ensure that your family life continues as normally as possible while tending a very ill child.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gods-Financial Miracles and Provision were provided for Peter...

As I read and studied the life of Peter during the time Jesus came into his life, something jumped out at me--Gods-Financial Miracles and Provision!

I'm going to tell you about how Jesus told Peter to cast his net into the water and he caught--so--many--fish that his net was breaking!

It took the help of another boat, to help him bring in ALL of the fish that he had caught. It was within seconds of obeying an instruction from the Master. He had more than enough.

The Master's Provision! Thank goodness for Gods-Financial Miracles and Provision...

Is God still providing financial miracles? I believe so...

I'm going to show you Gods-Financial Miracles and he done it for Peter and HE will do it for you!

He will meet ALL of your needs...if that means giving you Gods-Financial Miracles, then HE will.

Luke 5:1-11

Hmmm.....Gods-<a href="">Financial Miracles</a> and Provision...

As I was thinking about this passage, it dawned on me, prior to this miracle, Peter was a disciple, BUT had kept his job as a fisherman, for approximately a year and a half. He followed Jesus after work. After finishing his fisherman duties, he faithfully would follow Jesus.

To compare the scene of Gods Financial Miracles to today, Peter would be working the grave yard shift, 11pm - 7am; Monday – Friday.

After finishing his work each day. Peter would go and be with Jesus.

Much like us today; going to church after we've worked all week. Some of us attend bible studies and go to church on Wednesday evenings and Sundays or whatever day(s) your church has services and fellowship.

So what was different about this day? He left “all” and followed HIM...

Peter had seen Jesus’ miracles before, because his mother – in – law was healed by Jesus, prior to the day of the “big catch”; Luke 4:38-39.

So why did Peter leave behind Everything and follow him (Jesus)?

I believe that the reason he kept working was like many of us, he simply needed the money. God seen that and whenever he was at a place in his life of complete surrender...

Here came Gods-Financial Miracles and Provision. The more than enough; abundant, over flowing, and net breaking kind!

Peter was dedicated to Jesus and was with him every opportunity that he didn't have to work.

Jesus saw that desire and dedication in Peter and miraculously led him to Gods-Financial Miracles, and Provision...

He provided him with more fish than one boat could carry. That was the “big catch” he must have retired with! Working for men that is.

The nets were breaking, it took another boat to help bring in the fish AND the boats almost sank. Now that is a "good catch". After selling all of those fish, he could take care of his family; quit working as a fisherman (of fish), ah… he can follow Jesus, “full time ministry” and “catch men” which was his true heart’s desire! Peter wanted to be with Jesus all the time.

Peter trusted Jesus and not what he believed to be true which was there were no fish. After all, he had been fishing in that very spot, all night. He done what he was told, despite what he may have thought, and because of his obedience...Gods-financial miracles and provision was birthed to give Peter his heart's desire,which was to follow Jesus full time.

Why was Peter given this miracle? I believe that it was because in his heart he was surrendered and truly ready to "leave it all behind". If you're given things before it is time, you may not be a good steward. You're given financial gain to bless others. Sure our needs are met but if you're not at a place you want to give freely, what good is greed? It doesn't profit the Kingdom of God and therefore, why would you be blessed with something that you're not ready for?

Be faithful with the small things and HE will make you ruler of much!

I believe Jesus is still providing provision and financial miracles to those who will put their trust in HIM.

If you’ve tried to do things a certain way (your way) and HE sends you back and tells you to do it again--the same way, dare to be like Peter, cast your net, even if you’ve toiled (worked) all night because your provision and financial miracles are waiting for you.

What is the difference in YOU doing it and Jesus telling you when to do it? The obedience and timing. He will always bless your obedience. HIS timing will make all the difference.

Timing is very important. If you got everything you thought should come to you in your time--YOU would be in trouble. Big trouble. Think about when you were 16 years old and knew everything! Could you imagine getting everything you thought you should have gotten? My point exactly; we need maturity, life-experience, patience, and the list goes on and on...

We all need for God to provide us with HIS-provision-and-financial-miracles! Don’t give up.Continue looking for Gods-Financial Miracles and Provision. He is still the God of MORE than ENOUGH!

So, Whatever your needs are today...HE will make a way! So many people want to give up because HIS ways are not our ways, they are much higher. He sees the BIG PICTURE! When we don't understand sometimes it is easy to get discouraged but keep believing that HE does care for you and wants to meet ALL of your needs.

I never understood my journey for a long time. But to tell you the truth, there is not one day, now, that I would trade. So much has been given to me through my life; forgiveness, mercy, having unconditional love, learning how to love myself, being content, having compassion for others, being non-judgmental, and simply meeting people right where they're at in life.

Remember; Life is a Journey, you're never a failure, you only have experiences!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Thought Awareness. The first Steps To Positive Thinking are:

To be aware of the thoughts you are having.

As simple as that sounds, various sources suggest that the average number of thoughts people have is around 12000 to 50000 per day! That's more than I want to keep track of!

Do you need to be aware of every single thought you have? In a perfect world I'd say YES! The more thoughts you can actually "hear" and be aware that you're having the better!

This takes practice!

The best way I can suggest on how to do this, is to just check in with yourself throughout the day. How do you feel emotionally? What thoughts are you having that are creating those emotions?

Thoughts trigger emotions.

This also sounds like a no brain-er, but the more we are conscious of this fact; the easier our life becomes.

Think about it for a while.

If you're in a good mood right now, what is causing that good mood?

Your thoughts!

Did you say your surroundings or your current circumstance?

Guess what?

Your circumstances have NOTHING to do with your mood or how you feel. It is how you choose to react that does that. So what causes your reactions?

Yep; Your thoughts!

This is why we all need to practice these Steps To Positive Thinking.

You see, when we decide to take control over our thoughts, we also decide to take control over our life and circumstances. This can be a huge challenge! Especially when something really "bad" happens. This is when we really need to be aware that what we think is a choice.

Realize your negative thoughts.

This is one of the most important Steps To Positive Thinking!

When you begin to realize that your choosing to think in a negative way about something, stop! Ask yourself: "How can I think about this in a better way?" Or "how can I make this into something positive for me?"

This is known as thought stopping.

You may need to argue with yourself a bit. You'll need to convince yourself there IS a better way to look at it; that is valid.

This is normal and encouraged! As long as you keep it light and don't get too upset with yourself. Which would totally defeat the purpose!

Easy and fun Steps To Positive Thinking

These are just simple little rituals that you can do that have worked for me.

I've also listed a few I have heard about; that I want to try as well.


Dusting is what I sometimes use when someone is getting on my nerves, or projecting there views on me.

How it's done:

You can do this even while that person is right in front of you.Just act as if something is on you (because it is) and just brush yourself off asthough you just came out of a dust storm. As you do this; imagine that you are dusting off the negativity that is being directed at you. Even if that negativity stems from you! Dust it off! (be subtle about it; or wait till you are away from the situation.)

Judgment jar:

I Just read about this one and can't wait to try it! Have you heard that some people keep a "Swear Jar"?

Each time they swear, they but a dollar in the jar. This works very similarly. But instead of putting money in the jar; you would write the thought on a note and put that in the jar. Then, at the end of the day, take the notes out and creatively destroy them. This is where you can have some fun and make it meaningful for you.

You could "redneck" the notes by pinning them to a tree and blasting them with ashotgun! If that meaningful for you, GO FOR IT! (Just be careful!!) You could also Burn 'em, throw them in the trash... Whatever! Hey; this is your chance to get creative and have some fun! Just remember that you are destroying your negativity as you do it.

The baggage drop:

This is a good one to use when you come home from a bad day at work.

[or if your glad to be at work from a bad day at home ;-)...]

Mentally put all those bad thoughts and emotions into a luggage bag andleave them behind.

(If you fly, you could just check in your baggage at theairport! I'm sure they will take care of losing it for you! ha ha)

Get creative! Come up with your own Steps To Positive Thinking. Wash negative thoughts off in the shower. What ever works for you!

What you are trying to do is re-train your reticular activating system. This is one of two small parts in your brain that Scientist believe controlmotivation and behavior in mammals. Hey! That includes us!

Meditation and other thought control methods are also helpful Steps To Positive Thinking.I'll include more about this soon! So stay tuned.

I hope you've enjoyed these Steps To Positive Thinking and find them useful in your life.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Below are some tips on how to stay positive that have worked for me.When you feel down, come and visit this page and try these. They may not change how you feel instantly; but keep plugging away at it. You'll find that they do work! Getting over a negative funk can be very hard sometimes, so my first tip is:

Know That this too shall pass!

The one thing you can be sure of, is that everything changes. Something will surely come your way that will make you forget all about your negative feelings.

Find That Silver Lining.

Every situation has something in it that brings us a gift. Perhaps there is a life lesson you need to learn. Negative things often come our way to slap us up side the head and make us realize something.

Is there an Ah ha moment here for you?

Find something good about whatever is happening and brainstorm it. Keep finding new things that are positive and focus only on those. You'll be amazed where it can take you!

Surround yourself with positive messages and things.

Listen to some positive audio messages.

Find a T.V. show with a positive spin or a comedy that makes you laugh.

Take a walk or a drive someplace beautiful and concentrate on God's beautiful creations.

Maybe buy yourself some flowers or something small. (although I don't recommend spending money as a way to cheer yourself up, as this can become a very bad habit!)

Seek Help!

Sometimes no matter what we do to cheer ourselves up, we get stuck! The trick is to realize and admit when we get to this point!

Getting help to some is a sign of weakness. To that end, I have one thing to say... Not getting help is even weaker!

It may be that you are just afraid to admit you need help!

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes! Letting people help us is a gift we bring for someone else. How good does it make YOU feel; knowing that you touched someones life? Don't deny that gift to others!!

Sometimes we need a professional to show us how to stay positive. This also brings up issues for some people and the above also applies. I would also add, that those afraid to get professional help deny themselves a way out. So give yourself that gift. If you need it... GET IT! That's what those people are for!

Go have fun!

This is one of the best tips I can share on how to stay positive! If a friend invites you to a party...GO! (Just don't drink! Alcohol is a depressant and will, always, only add to your woes!) I Guarantee if you go where the fun is, you won't feel bad for long! A sure cure for the blues!

Friday, May 17, 2013

When you can start the day with positive thoughts, You'll find that your day goes much better.

However; So many people wake up on the "wrong side of the bed."

If this is you, then here are some suggestions to help you turn that frown upside down.


Did you know that it takes only 17 muscles to smile and a whopping 43 muscles to frown?

That would suggest to me that it takes almost three times as much energy to be unhappy, down, or in any other negative mood than it does to just be happy. This is when laziness is a good thing, take advantage of it!(Just that thought alone makes ME smile!)

Start your day with at least one positive thought. Something that will make you smile and look forward to the rest of your day.


This is the best advice I have ever heard! Focus only on this moment. The past is gone, you can't change it.

Tomorrow never comes and two ours from now will always be two ours from now.Remembering this at all times, helps to keep us focused on the only moment we have.

Which is: RIGHT NOW!

Enjoy it! Make it the best moment you possibly can, given the circumstances.

Take Responsibility

Don't let your circumstances control your mood. We should see a positive thought the same way we see a negative one, which is as just a thought. You can choose to have positive thoughts or not.

Every thought you have comes with a choice. The choice is how you want to feel about that thought, thing or circumstance. One thought plants the seeds for all that will follow. Your next thoughts, actions, and circumstances all depend on this choice.

The choice you make NOW.

Nothing beats a positive thought to propel you toward success and nothing can kill a dream faster than negativity. Realize that this is your choice. Take responsibility for the choices you've made thus far.

as Oprah Winfrey says:

"I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become. Become the change you want to see - those are words I live by."

I have noticed by observing my life, as well as the people around me how true that statement is!

Don't beat yourself up!

Many times when people make mistakes, they waste a lot of time giving themselves a mental beating.This serves no purpose, other than to make them feel bad about themselves and continue to keep success and happiness at bay.

Instead use it to your advantage.

The gift it holds is the lesson that you made a mistake you can learn from. See it as the lesson that it is and move on. Mistakes and failure lead to success if you allow it to teach you it's lessons.

I have a great quote for you to use for this:

"The mountain of success is built with failure" ~ unknown

I think if you were to ask any millionaire if that statement were true; they would laugh and totally agree.

Life is about contrast.

We need sometimes to experience hard times as a character builder so we can grow. So when these times show up in your life, be grateful for it's lessons.

On that note another great quote that beautifully illustrates this point is:

"Most people, even though they don’t know it, are asleep. They’re born asleep, they live asleep, they marry in their sleep, they breed children in their sleep, they die in their sleep without ever waking up. They never understand the loveliness and the beauty of this thing that we call human existence." ~Anthony de Mello

Make every effort to awaken yourself every day! How?...

Have Faith

It's much easier to have positive thoughts if we believe in something more powerful than ourselves.

Most of us call this GOD; but since we live in a "politically correct society" now,Therefor; I will ask that you take this to mean- the God of your understanding.

That said: If we let go and let God; Trust that he can handle things much better than we can ever hope to. It opens up new possibilities for our lives, making positive thinking much easier. How can you loose? Anything is possible with God and he never goes back on his promises.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." ~Matthew 7:7

Search out and read spiritual texts from different faiths. Such as:
The Bible - Old and New Testaments
Torah and Kabala (Zohar)
Tao Te Ching (Taoism)
Tibetan Book of the Dead (Buddhism)
A Course in Miracles (New Age)
Dianetics (Scientology)
Book of Mormon (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)
5 Classics of Confucianism, 4 Books of Confucianism
The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)
The Prophet

And many more...

(The Bible is a great source but not the only one! Spiritual truth comes in many forms... (Read Matthew 7:7 above again.)

If this is uncomfortable to you, here is another quote~

"Take what you can use and disregard the rest." Which was part of a song by Simon & Garfunkel.

Another saying I like to use is: "If your happy be sure to tell your face about it!"

Always good advice!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

What does abundant living mean to YOU?

Is it fame and fortune with a big house, fancy car, tons of money?

What about faith and spirituality?
Does that enter into your definition?

It seems to me that the path to Abundant Living is having the best of two worlds. Spiritual Abundance and Earthly Abundance. Then balancing the two for a healthy happy life!

There are some great examples of people in the Bible who have accomplished this balance against great odds.

    Jacob, who committed his life to tithing, went through many trials but in the end GOD blessed him greatly! (See Genesis chapters 28-31)

     Joseph,  became the chief adviser to an Egyptian Pharaoh. A very wealthy position indeed!

    And Of course Job's story. A classic tale of an already wealthy man who is tested and stripped of his wealth. But, due to his faith, was made wealthier than ever before.

All these examples leave a legacy that we can still follow today!

If these people can overcome those overwhelming obstacles, what excuses can we really have? Only that we get in our own way!

Many of us believe we must be without material things to reach the Spiritual Abundance side of things.

If you are of this mind, I invite you to read this article By Dr. C. Thomas Anderson. (opens in a new window)

In any case, in all of the above examples, the path to Abundant Living were accomplished through a change of attitude, beliefs, and the willingness to try new things.

What have you tried new lately?

Make a list of things that you would enjoy doing. Don't edit yourself. There are no rules, laws, or reality that you need to concern yourself with for right now. Just use your imagination and totally let go. Later you can edit your ideas into something that will work for you.

Abundant living requires some creativity and fearlessness!

Study the 10 richest people in the world and see what obstacles they overcame to become wealthy.

What are they doing with the wealth they have?
What good are they using it for?
Who does it serve?
How can you serve a higher good with your talents andabilities?
What are you good at? What talents do you have?
What steps can you take to get from where you are, to where you'd like to be?
What holds you back from taking these steps?

The Path To Abundant Living is understanding the Law of Abundance  and serving our own higher good, the good of all mankind, and the planet as a whole! If you follow your passion, you will accomplish this!

Making a list of your passions, past experiences, and goals can be a great way to get ideas and direction toward your Path To Abundance.


 There is a Cash gifting program called "Abundant Living."

Cash gifting programs may sound tempting, but please know that they are an absolute SCAM!

See these articles for more information on this and similar scams.

From the Better Business Bureau
A list of similar scams was found Here.

So PLEASE! Educate yourself about the ways you bring abundance into your reality.
Do some due diligence about the ideas you generate...BEFORE YOU ACT!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

By using Positive Thinking, Abundance, The Law of Attraction, anyone can create the life they want. It's just a matter of how bad do you want it; and what are you willing to learn to get it?

In order to make improvements in your life, you will need to be willing to make some changes in your thinking and actions to bring about your desired outcome.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"-  Gandhi

The purpose of this website is to help you do that by providing tools, ideas and resources, that will assist you on your journey to a more abundant life;

While Abundance means "money" to most people, I would ask you to consider all meanings of the word.

Look around and you will see that your life is already full of abundance! (No matter what your finances are!)

Abundance is all around you!  Air, Trees, Grass, People; The list is endless! Abundance means being grateful for what you already have!

But if money is what you seek; you have to recognize that your own wisdom is a valuable resource that people will pay you for!

I have learned that thinking positive and abundance go hand in hand. However; Positive thinking, without the emotions to support it, is useless. Too many times people say: "You just have to think positive!" If you've ever tried that while you felt down and out, you know it doesn't work!

But, perhaps you felt like that, and a someone told you some jokes; or reminded you of something good. What happened?

You began to feel better. Right?

Then before you know it, those negative thoughts disappeared.


That's one of the first Steps to Positive Thinking!

Finding ways to feel better about who you are and connecting with your truest self is imperative to live your best life.

The Law of Attraction also comes into play here. If you have never heard of The Law of Attraction, I'll Explain it briefly.

The Law of Attraction is simply how energy works. Everything is energy when you get down to a molecular level. It's how this energy resonates, that makes things how they are.

When you think or feel a certain way about something, you are creating energy! This "energy" that you create, through your thoughts and actions, has a direct impact on your reality. You reap what you sow. Therefore, Positive thinking, Abundance, The Law of Attraction, are all very closely tied together. If your thoughts are negative, your actions will reflect those thoughts and you will attract negative things into your life.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It is certainly true that beach weddings are a powerful trend nowadays with a particular beauty and magic.

Not only that these types of weddings are always unique, but they also provide the grooms with flexible options on every single detail.

Planning a fairy tale wedding is the dream that every little girl has, but when the moment comes to actually do it, everything seems to be a lot more complicated.

 Beach theme wedding can be a tremendous success if the three major “W” aspects of their planning are seriously taken into consideration: “Where”, “When” and “What to wear”. By spending enough time on each of these aspects, any beach wedding can be fabulous.

Let’s begin by answering the “Where” question. Finding the perfect beach for the occasion can be a tiring and frustrating task if it is not done wisely. Location, location, location…. Here is what it is the most important thing when choosing it: get familiarized with the beach previously to the wedding.

While it is undeniable that all sea or ocean shores have their unique beauty, it is important to see the location at least few days before the wedding in order to avoid disappointment and to make the most out of the ceremony.

Also, a secluded place for the ceremony would be the best in order to avoid any distractions or frustration that comes with the fact that some beaches are very crowded. “When” is basically connected to the location as well. It is very important to consider when the raining season starts in order to avoid having the wedding day ruined.

However, weather can take anyone by surprise at each time of the year, so having a back-up plan in case it rains would be the best. Regarding the time of the day when the ceremony should take place, early mornings or evenings before the sunset are preferred choices due to the fact that the heat of the day is avoided and everyone can enjoy the ceremony without jeopardizing their health.

And last but not least, what should one wear at a beach wedding? The answer is simple: anything that makes one feel comfortable on a beach. Beach Casual Wedding Dress are very popular choices, but anything else goes too.

 And shoes are optional. If you feel that you are running out of thoughts during the wedding planning, you can always look for more beach wedding ideas by reading about the choices celebrities made for their beach weddings.
It would be very difficult to find any jewerly stores that do not carry diamond rings or other diamond jewelry. King and Queens, and in the 20th century, ordinary people have been able to buy diamond jewelry.

Thanks to a great ad campaign by DeBeers in 1940', "A Diamond is Forever." made people want more diamond jewelry.

Although there are many precious gemstones such as Rubys and Sapphires, diamonds are most coveted of all precious gemstones. Diamonds are exquisite gemstones that go through a long, tedious refining process from the time they are pulled from the ground to when you see them in the jewelry store.

 The prices of diamond rings vary from a few hundred dollars to over a million dollars. These prices are influenced by the prices of diamonds. There are fewer than 200 companies or people authorized to buy rough diamonds from De Beers.

These people are called sightholders, and they puchases the diamonds through the Central SElling Organization (CSO), a subsidiary of De Beers that markets about 80% of the world's diamonds. De Beers sells a parcel of rough diamonds to a sightholder, who in turn sends the diamonds to cutting facilities and then to distributors.

Consumers do not seem to care if they are under a strong influence of many ad campains to buy diamond rings, as long as they have the diamonds in their posession.

Many diamonds are in clear color, and some of them are in blue, yellow, brown and pink (very precious colored diamonds nowdays).

By another ad campains by De Beers, consumers hold onto their family's diamond jewlery and to cherish them as heirlooms, and it worked quite well. These ads eliminated the aftermarket for diamonds, which further enabled De Beers to control the market.

Without people selling their diamonds back to jewelers or to other people, so the demand for new diamonds keep increasing. When you buy a diamond ring, make sure you would study, at least, about carats (weight), color, cut and clarity.

These four elements would affects the prices of loose diamonds, which affects the prices of the diamond rings. If diamonds come with certifications created by prestigious diamond laboratries, such as GIA, HRD, IGI and EGL, their certification usually explains the classes of color and clarity, cararts and cuts of diamonds.

Most jewelry stores give you stores' certifications of the diamonds jewelry you purchase. However, these certifications are not treated as serious as the ones released by the above Associations or Laboratories.

When you are going pay for more than a few thoudand dollars, it would wise to look for diamond rings or jewelry certified by worldly recognized organizations. Though diamonds are made of carbon, they will likely to continue to be a highly coveted jewel.
Don't make the mistake that so many lovers make when selecting your perfect engagement ring.

More and bigger and most expensive is not always best. The power of the ring is in what it means to you and your partner.

Engagement rings are a symbol of love that you will always wear. No price tag can be placed on that!

So don't start looking a price ranges when searching for your ring.

And don't just look at diamond rings because that is what you think you want.

Experience all the different combinations:

    Gold rings to silver rings
    Diamond rings to Sapphire

speaks to you

When you first start looking keep an open mind.

If you know that you want a diamond ring then force yourself to look at another engagement ring that is not that appealing.

Believe it or not this is how you will know if you have the perfect ring.

When you look at the "OTHER" RING ...ask yourself what does this ring lack or what is missing.

If you can say that your favorite diamond ring has all the things that are missing... then and only then you can take comfort that your diamond ring could be the symbol of love that you seek.

As the great poet John Wilbye says:

".. And love me still, but know not why!"

In other words, find a ring that speaks to your heart not your mind.

I hope this engagement ring tip gives you a new way to look at your wedding ring options.

Remember the perfect engagement or weeding ring is the ring you wear with love in your hearts.