Saturday, October 27, 2012

It is very simple, easy and fun job to assemble a lovely gift basket for your loved ones to present on Valentine Day, Birthday, Get Well Soon, and Farwell or just to make your friend feel really special. The ideas are many you can make an attractive foodie basket with chocolates, cupcakes and biscuits. Gift Basket can also follow a theme like giving stationary items such as diary, pencil box and colors. You can also follow the occasion or depending on individuals like.

It’s your kid’s birthday next month and still you have not decided what special you should give her that makes birthday a memorable and more awesome than the last.
Kids Birthday Ideascan be created including all her likings in the allocated budget. These birthday gift baskets turn out to be very special and personal reward for anyone. You can even make it for other kids in family and friends.

The first and foremost is to select a basket as per number of things you want to give. Choose the most suitable style and size, with enough capacity so that you can properly place all the items making a nice arrangement. Different colors are also available so you can choose the pinks and reds for girls and for boys you can go for matte colors. It is always nice to select the basket with handle as it will be easy to carry the weight when filled. For new born and infants a bath tub can be an alternate used in place of basket.

Now comes what you should keep in the Kids Birthday Gift Basket, if you know the kid’s interest and gender then for a teenager boy of age 10 and above you can add a story book, DVD, scrap book and chocolates. For girls you can assemble all the beauty items like hair clips, pins, pony bands and jewelry. Some kids are very fond of cartoon characters so you decide of giving things posted with their favorite cartoon characters on them.

Kids Birthday Gift Basket should look very pretty and presentable. It all depends on how well you decorate and place the things in it. One trick is to fill the base with chocolates, toffees and other snacking items. This will make the basket filled with so many things inside. Don’t forget to cover the bottom with a shiny filler or paper.
Keep a balance between the space and weight and avoid overfilling. Place the main and the biggest gift item in the centre so that is should be clear and be the centre of attraction. Then place the remaining small items on the sides. Hold the items together by using a tape or tie them together with the handle of the basket.
Once you are done with all the items look for any extra big space left over. Fill it with decorations like paper flowers, silk buntings or cookie packs. Cover the basket with wrapping sheet or cellophane bag and fix a ribbon on top. Place a gift card or tag with name.